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10 most compelling reasons why schools should have a Library

As someone who is completely obsessed about reading, the presence of a well-stocked library at school was a big blessing. I remember my first book being David Copperfield. I still have that book; all these years has rendered it sepia toned, but still my prized possession. Nothing comes close to the kind of companionship that a book provides. I had to travel a lot as a child and hence changed schools a lot, but in between all that what didn’t change was my love for reading. And for that I'm grateful that most of my schools had great libraries. As most avid book-readers would tell you, bibliophilia is something you suffer early in life. You don't find a lot of people who take up reading in their adult years. A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.                                                                    ~Neil Gaiman So I thought of compiling my own list of 10 compelling reasons why good libraries are an absolute must-have for schools.  Many famili

Gift your kid a childhood to cherish

I believe that there is a tremendous improvement in our education system. The number of students getting access to education has increased. Schools are providing co-curricular and co-scholastic activities in the regular curriculum. Lot of emphasis is given on moral and value based education. E-learning has become a part of the day to day curriculum. Apart from academics lot of importance is given on life-skills too. Working in a reputed school like Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM), Bhugaon Pune, I feel blessed and honored. The students here follow the methodology of 'Art of living', wherein both the students and teachers perform Surya Namaskara , Anuloma pranayama , Bhastrika and sudarshan kriya every morning before the classes start. Following such a lifestyle increases the healing power in the individual and harmonizes the bodily system by cleansing its stress. A lot of Indian values are also inculcated through the embedded traditions of the school tho

This happens to every student in every school in India...

The fact is that it happens so subtly that no one realizes. We send children to school with the noble intention that they would acquire the education that will help them to become successful individuals. Imagine if the exact opposite was happening? Children are more impressionable than you may imagine! And that is why they are very perceptive about peppy songs, idiosyncrasies or catchy one-liners mouthed by movie stars and everything else playing in that box in our living rooms we call TV. Same happens for them at school too. Apart from what they see and learn from the textbooks, it is also the surroundings at home and school and the behavior and attitude of the people around them that they pick up things from. All these later contribute in forming their values, beliefs and attitudes about and towards the various things in life. This silent education that seeps through subconsciously (largely) also stays the longest with the child. They outstay the chronological order of his

A Jamshedpur Teacher cooks up a MasterChef Recipe for Success!

The educator, the parent and the policymaker are the three magical ingredients that can help the child cook the perfect recipe of Success. Leaving even one of them out can leave you with a bad taste. Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn                                                                                                                               ~  Benjamin Franklin 100 gms of good teaching practices A teacher should be a role model to the student. The qualities imparted to the students should be such that they are embedded in the child’s value system for life. Time keeps changing and for a teacher to be effective in his/her discourse, he/she also needs to keep updating with the latest trends and keep on developing new techniques to pique the students mind and connect to them. An ideal teacher must come prepared with the lesson plan and also be prepared with the TLM (Teaching, Learning Material in the form of charts, graphs and m