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Important tips for selecting a school

We have found parents walking on   Pen-rose stairs while looking for admission of their children. Here are some important points parents should not miss while they are selecting school for their children. Look beneath the label  : "Public" or "private" doesn't really tell you much, so don't scratch a school off your list just because of how it's governed. There are 194 thousand Private Unaided schools in India. So it’s a huge number. The performance of these schools varies from being excellent to poor. So it's a big risk if you go only for the label. Go for a test-drive  : Visit the schools you're interested in during a regular school day. Ask to observe teachers in class so you can get a feel for how the adults treat the kids, parents and one another. You don't have to be an expert to get a good sense of what is — or isn't — happening in a classroom when you visit. Be unobtr