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Bookmark schools to get the latest admission details in your inbox

Forgetting dates come naturally to all of us. Anniversaries, birthdays, appointments – we have all missed these. Thankfully they are not expensive mistakes except for a few diamonds. But imagine missing out on the admission dates for your child at your favorite school. Avoid such situations by simply bookmarking schools at Sqoolz . We will make sure we deliver every update announced by those schools straight to your inbox. You may still miss the anniversaries and birthday, still buy those diamonds but you will never lose the chance for your child to study at the best school. Check out the video that shows you how to click on a button a.k.a bookmarking schools. If you find this useful or would like to make suggestions to us, please write to us at .

You’ll never lose your research on shortlisted schools again

Researching schools and gathering details on admission updates? Or trying to make a shortlist of schools to discuss with your spouse? It can be a nightmare to lose all that “homework” done about the best options for your kid. Forget jotting down on sticky notes or pieces of paper that have a habit of moving out of your radar. Simply logon to Sqoolz and open the schools you like. Sqoolz makes it easy for you to save notes about each school you explore. You can save any number of notes for as many schools as you like – we never delete them. Here is a video that shows saving notes on our site is easier than putting pen to paper. If you find this useful or would like to make suggestions to us, please write to us at .

Explore Hand Picked Collections Of Schools

Ever wondered where would you find a truly alternate style school? One where pressures don’t exist for the student or the parent? One where students are allowed to learn in their own time? Or maybe you are a traditionalist and would prefer “old school” (pun intended) values. Or one that maybe places as much emphasis, if not more, on sports as academics and grades. At Sqoolz , our team thought it would be hugely important for our users to be able to discover schools through these hand-picked lists of schools catering to specific needs. So we decided to build Collections. Each city will have its own list of collections that comprises of local schools. Here is a video that tells you how to find Collections on our site and discover the best schools around you. < We also would welcome users to contribute your own list of custom collection of schools by writing in to us. Please let us know your feedback at . See the collections available in your city b