Friday, June 19, 2015

Gift your kid a childhood to cherish

I believe that there is a tremendous improvement in our education system. The number of students getting access to education has increased. Schools are providing co-curricular and co-scholastic activities in the regular curriculum. Lot of emphasis is given on moral and value based education. E-learning has become a part of the day to day curriculum. Apart from academics lot of importance is given on life-skills too.

Working in a reputed school like Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM), Bhugaon Pune, I feel blessed and honored. The students here follow the methodology of 'Art of living', wherein both the students and teachers perform Surya Namaskara, Anuloma pranayama, Bhastrika and sudarshan kriya every morning before the classes start.

Following such a lifestyle increases the healing power in the individual and harmonizes the bodily system by cleansing its stress. A lot of Indian values are also inculcated through the embedded traditions of the school though such event as Dhola Tasha Pathak, Matribhasha Diwas, Kojagiri Satsang and the likes.

Being part of a C.B.S.E school, I have found that the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation pattern has helped a lot in the assessment as well as the overall progress and development of the child. The introduction of the grading system has helped in reducing the stress level of the child. But the level of science and math question papers should match the child’s competency.

A lot of individual and group project work has enhanced the creativity of a child. The presentation skills, communication skills, self confidence, teamwork and the cognitive skills of a child has improved in leaps and bounds. Scientific skills and computer knowledge has made them smarter. Emphasis on girl child education is remarkable. Although the system has its highs, likewise it has lows too. Private tuitions have increased and so has peer competition, thus pushing kids to enter a rat race of marks. Education should be more application based than static learning based

Educating the mind without morals is like creating a race-car without brakes.

Author Bio:
K. Bharani is an English teacher with 21 years of experience. She has also worked as a spoken English trainer in ELIXIR training services pvt. ltd. for 4 years in Pune. Currently she is teaching at Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidyamandir, Pune, which is an international initiative in value education.

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Gift your kid a childhood to cherish
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