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Explore virtual campus tours of the schools

There is something nostalgic and beautiful about school buildings. When we pass any school – not just your alma mater – it usually invites a second glance. A magnificent building with plenty of windows for every classroom, a big playground and sight of young students in uniforms.
With virtual campus tours launched by Sqoolz for the first time in India, now you can step through the corridors of these schools and take a look at the classrooms, labs, libraries, playground and everything else. With more schools signing up for the virtual tours, it serves as a big advantage to schools. For those parents interested in seeing the school during admissions can now simply use the tours and avoid disturbing the school for it, and it is completely free.

Using Maps to know whats around the school

School location is an extremely important factor in deciding the school of choice. Parents often look at reputation, infrastructure, teaching excellence and rightly so, but it is imperative to look beyond – and around – the school. 

It isn’t enough to know what’s within the walls of the school campus. Sqoolz now gives you information on important facilities near the school meant for transportation & healthcare. While most schools do provide their own transportation, but knowing about alternatives like nearby bus stops and railway stations is useful. Equally the presence of a hospital near the school is re-assuring as a lot of schools are not equipped with an infirmary in case of mishaps. 

Check out the video that shows you how to use maps on Sqoolz.