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Don’t be a bystander if your child is a bully or being bullied

We meet a lot of people who we know were bullied at a young and impressionable age. Even though the passage of time blurs some of the memories, some scars remain nevertheless. They have a different take on life and certain situations. They often have trouble initiating conversations, building friendships, trusting people and generally struggle with social skills. Now imagine if unbeknown to you, your child is undergoing the same trauma and somehow hasn't been able to confide in you. It is a scary situation and is far more likely to happen than most parents care to admit.   In some studies, more than 1 in 5 school children admitted to bullying. How would you know that your child is being bullied? Well, there are certain behavioral symptoms that form a pattern. Look for them as they indicate possibilities of your child being bullied. Marks of cuts, bruises or scrapes on the body that is unexplained. Frequent loss of stationery, toys, money or books that is agai

Things that animate holds a student's attention

Mrs. Geetanjali Nanda Teacher, Gurunanak EM School             If there is one profession responsible for every other profession, it is teaching. And we at SchoolFinder came across someone who has bore this responsibility with her knowledge, compassion and her conviction to empower every child to reach great heights. "... believes in simple living high thinking."        Tell us something about yourself. I belong to a family with that believes in simple living high thinking. About me, I am very frank. I like painting and travelling. Apart from that, music is both my strength and weakness! I did my graduation in Psychology Honors from Utkal University, Odisha and Post Grad. Diploma in Computer Education. For preparing myself as a tutor, I did NTT and B.Ed from Kurukshetra University, Haryana. "I prefer to learn from my own experiences." What inspired you to pursue this profession? How long have you known that you wanted to b

There is no one right way to impart education

Mrs. Sangita Sabarwal Principal, S N Sidheshwar School “A teacher reveals the past, presents the present and creates the future" but we barely know how! Today we kick-off our ChalkTalk segment where we will have tête-à-tête with and pay our tribute to those teachers who touch thousands of lives. Mrs. Sangita Sabarwal, Principal of S N Sidheshwar School,Gurgaon,with 25 years of experience behind her opens up about what it takes to create a good teacher and a better school. "Passion to become a teacher grew with my age." What inspired you to pursue this profession? How long have you known that you wanted to be a teacher? No other profession is as noble as moulding & chiselling the minds & personalities of kids. Your joy knows no bound when you are able to present to the society a perfect human being. Training the very young minds has always been my passion. I was a student then when I used to admire my teachers. At that time I did no

Why parents should encourage children to take up Karate

In this day and age, where crime and intent lurks all around us, self defence is the need of the hour. But apart from the obvious need to be able to protect one's self and kith and kin, karate also helps in the growth and development of an individual. Apart from studies, a child needs to learn early the virtues of Confidence and Discipline to be successful in future and Karate helps to develop these traits in any individual. When you begin learning the art of karate from an early age, you inculcate focus and coordination in your life and these traits go a long way in shaping a person to become a successful human being. It helps you keep calm and composed at any given point of life and also helps maintain mental and physical health.  Karate is an ancient art of unarmed combat. It dates back to 14th century where it began as a fighting system introduced in Ryukyu islands (today in modern Japan) and has evolved especially in the past century into one of the most pop