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10 most compelling reasons why schools should have a Library

As someone who is completely obsessed about reading, the presence of a well-stocked library at school was a big blessing. I remember my first book being David Copperfield. I still have that book; all these years has rendered it sepia toned, but still my prized possession. Nothing comes close to the kind of companionship that a book provides. I had to travel a lot as a child and hence changed schools a lot, but in between all that what didn’t change was my love for reading.

And for that I'm grateful that most of my schools had great libraries. As most avid book-readers would tell you, bibliophilia is something you suffer early in life. You don't find a lot of people who take up reading in their adult years.
A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

                                                                   ~Neil Gaiman
So I thought of compiling my own list of 10 compelling reasons why good libraries are an absolute must-have for schools. 
  1. Many families are not very well-to-do financially, for them a facility where their child can experience the joy of reading free of cost is a blessing. This supports the disadvantaged. 
2. “Catch ‘em young” is the motto here. Once the habit of reading is inculcated, it lasts for life. So having a well equipped library that houses age relevant books is very important

3. The habit of reading improves language skills dramatically. The diction, vocabulary and grammar just keep getting better all the time.

4. “You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.”

So said Paul Sweeny and rightly indeed. Books make the best companion, your go-to when things in life are rough. Nothing freshens the mind more than a good read and coffee. Books protect the reader from diving too deep into depression by giving them an alternate reality. And all student go through these bad phases at some stage or the other.

5. The practice of having one period dedicated to reading or issuing books from the library builds the habit of inquiring, building confidence in seeking information and then processing it.

6. Apart from language skills books also present the reader with the opportunity of self discovery and the power of introspection which leads to constant self-improvement.

7. Having a well equipped library and the appropriate teaching force encourages learning, life skills and literacy all of which are important for surviving in this competitive scenario.

8. The world today is driven by written information i.e. by text and email, hence kids need to be more receptive to the nuances of language, comprehend them correctly.

9. School libraries serve as a good storehouse of reading material for teachers who love reading reference material for preparing their lessons at class.

10. Libraries are where you see dynasties and civilizations rise and fall, science and technology make advancements, art and literature thrive. It is that magical place where a child grows up, yet remains young.
A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life
      ~Henry Ward Beecher

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10 most compelling reasons why schools should have a Library
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