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Delhi Nursery School Admission Guidance For Parents

According to the latest updates, Delhi government told the High Court that the nursery admission will begin only after an order is passed on the petition of certain unaided private schools challenging the new admission guidelines and terming it as ‘nationalizing the education system’. As per earlier regulations passed out this year, the maximum weight-age had been given to neighborhood criteria for which 70 points have been fixed and it constitutes a distance of up to six kilometers from schools. No management quota in admission to any of the schools, five per cent seats reserved for employees of the school and five per cent for the girls in co-educational schools, which will be filled through, were the changes in admission process. Like other schools, minority schools will also have to reserve 25%  for the economically weaker sections of society. For most of the above parameters, schools have agreed to follow, removing 20% quota is what they weren't ready to impl

Free Education to underprivileged children in India

The Education system of India has challenges of various ordeal. Be it the population of India or the dearth of facilities in schools. While the critics underline statistics of inequity, many organizations and even individuals are putting concrete efforts to transform education system in India. source : As education is becoming more and more costly, there are concerns for people who can't afford education fees. But much to their relief there are many NGO's who are providing financial help and guidance to students who are interested in higher education. One such organization i came across is 'Pratham'. It is providing free education in India since 1994. As a part of their various program, they focus on improving the level of education in India. They also address issues like providing education to a country of more than 1.2 Billion people. It forms a cyclic structure of providing Secondary Education to needy students comple

Quality of Primary Education in India

I found an interesting article depicting where education of India stands. With around 74% of  people of India literate, India has leapfrog in terms of attaining numbers.What remains a cause of concern is the plight of education system at primary level, esp in interiors of India. Today, Indian Education System fails to provide fundamental skills at elementary level-   Being Literate good enough? Literacy in India does not necessarily mean one can read or write as 1 out or 3 students complete Five years of Primary schooling without being able to read a grade 2 textbook. Even after Right to Education Act (RTE) was passed in 2009, both reading and arithmetic skills have dipped in past two years. For e.g. % of Girls who can read a story in 2008 was 47.2% while it has dipped to 46.1 % in 2011. And % of Girls who can solve a division problem was 32.9% in 2008 while it has gone to 29.1% in 2011.      2.  Weak Infrastructure The number of schools in India has risen b