Thursday, April 30, 2015

Parental stress makes Jack a dull boy!

A common theme among parents today is “future of their children". I would say that parents find themselves in this predicament because it reminds them of their own time in school when they had to obey the wishes (or instructions) of their parents and now they find themselves doing it to their own children!

Parents should try to understand the student’s point of view. Children today are getting overburdened due to tremendous competition in academics. Parents may think of their high expectations as well intentioned, but it only ends up creating insurmountable pressure on the kids. Often parents miss recognizing this. Social pressure (read relatives and family friends) is often indirectly siphoned towards kids by their parents who themselves feel the heat too!

Learning by “Trial and error” confuses the student further. With so many distractions around testing their concentration levels and focus, at such times parents need to be supportive of them and show them the right way. Nowadays even parents need counselling or at least tips in modern parenting. You may have heard of “Spare the rod and spoil the child” – that clearly doesn't work any more. Also they need to resist the recent trend of coaching classes. Parents must understand that following this trend blindly even if your child doesn't need it is senseless. What they couldn't learn in 8 hours at school likely won’t happen in 4 hours at tuitions either. Often the solution is simpler, the kid needs an hour of personal attention daily and that’s it.

One more major concern in our country is that a child is not allowed to follow their dream profession. Parents manipulate kids from a very young age pushing them towards a career that they feel is best and will secure the kid’s future, leaving very little room for the kid to explore the world and find his own place under the sun. Allowing the child to make his choices when it comes to career options will let him enjoy his work and also spread that positive spirit around. That’s how change will happen.

I always maintain, children neither ask for nor deserve being puppeted around. They seek gentle guidance, not dictatorial directions!

Author Bio
Prof. Ravindra Bhalchandra Shalu is a full-time lecturer at Vidya Bhavan Jr. College of Science, Pune. He has a teaching experience of 25 years, with expertise in subjects like Construction Technology, Surveying and levelling, Highway Engineering, Quantity survey and costing. He is also the member and coordinator of Board of Studies of Technical and vocational education, Maharashtra State Board. He has received an award of excellence from Maharashtra state Vocational education Department for the effective contribution in the development and publicity of Vocational education

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Parental stress makes Jack a dull boy!
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