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6 Splendid Movies To Relive Your School Days!

Gone are the school days but not the memories - Movies to cherish
Those good old days. We woke up early, attended classes, did homework, played outdoors, watched TV,
read books and still had time left for the day to end. (Ever managed that much since?) When the only thing
dreaded was the morning assembly and the most thrilling event was recess- lunch boxes opened and a variety
of yummy treats emerged. We all love reminiscing those carefree times and lose ourselves in movies like Jo
Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Student of The Year, and Taare Zameen Par, whenever they air on TV. Here is a list of
a few more, probably lesser known movies, which will bring out your inner school-going kid and leave you
with a subtle something to ponder over -
7. Bumm Bumm Bole
The official adaptation of Majid Majidi’s Iranian film ‘Children of Heaven’, Bumm Bumm Bole is an emotional
saga about a brother-sister relationship. In the midst of terror-stricken Assam, Pinu misplaces his younger sister
Rimzim’s only pair of shoes. Aware of their parents’ struggle to make ends meet, they decide to share Pinu’s only
pair, until they can afford a new one. A simple story in the backdrop of rains and mountains, this one will seep
through to your heart.
Image result for Bum Bum bole movie setting
6. Paathshaala
Starring chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor and Nana Patekar, this film explores how the education system is
changing to satisfy a profit-hungry management.  The students and teachers of Saraswati Vidya Mandir
struggle to cope with fee hike and other deterrents. Wholesome education is losing to commercial interests.
The plot rings true to the situation today. Who gets the final word?
5. Chance Pe Dance
Remember that one cool, young dude who taught us art or PT? Enter Sam, a.k.a Sameer (Shahid Kapoor),
a struggling actor who lands the job of a dance teacher. How he develops a rapport with the kids, instils a
love for the art form, builds their confidence and helps them win their first ever competition is just a part
of the story. The children, in turn, contribute towards shaping his career.

4.  Gippy
What happens when a plump preteen girl hits puberty? Chaos. Battling weight issues and rejection, Gippy
decides to prove her mettle by standing up for Head Girl elections. Between peer pressure, loyalty,
friendship, adolescent attractions and failure, Gippy finds herself.
3. Always Kabhi Kabhi
A fresh film which delves into the concept of communication gap between parents and children, it has
everything-school, pranks, friendship and first love. Through the course of preparing for a Romeo and
Juliet musical, they each face their demons and mature out of them. But are their parents mature enough
2. Stanley Ka Dabba
All kids love recess, but some teachers love it more. Babubhai Verma (Amol Gupte) thrives on the
students’ lunch, much to their chagrin. He is furious at Stanley, who does not get a lunchbox and threatens
to expel him.Why doesn’t Stanley get a dabba? What is his story? How is the greedy teacher dealt with?
Watch this heartwarming tale to find out.

1. Nil Battey Sannata

A maid painstakingly works to fund her daughter’s schooling, but daughter has other plans. She detests
studying and is only too happy to step into her mother’s shoes on growing up. The mother takes on the
challenge and she starts attending school, promising to draw out only if her daughter scores above her in
the exams.
Get in touch with your school buddies and tune into one of these together, the next time you meet.
To set the mood, watch this clip:
Now that we got you all nostalgic, tell us which movie brings out your favourite school memory?


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