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Bharatnatyam / Hindustani music also fetches you marks in CBSE boards!

We all say teaching is a noble profession but what amount of reality is left in that statement in today’s scenario? If truth be told this profession has become just a job profile or a rung in the career ladder. I believe teaching should be a passion and not just a profession.

The concept of teaching in schools is changing day by day as the competitiveness amongst schools is mounting. The position game is on and spurred by the hype created in the market by international schools, focus is shifting from education to marketing. Yes I mean it, it’s a market of schools and every school is in a rat-race to capture the greater share. The resulting market leader claims the much coveted admission volume and of course fame and stature.

Having said all of that, there is a lot of good work happening in the educational reforms front. To quote, for instance the CBSE board is giving the opportunity for the young prospects who are going to be future leaders to explore subjects like classical dances (Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Mohiniattam etc.) and Hindustani Vocal. Although these subjects were there per se, but let’s be honest - how many schools were actually acknowledging or offering them to their students? The answer would be, very few!

Considering teaching as an art implies not only a different understanding of teaching techniques, but also requires considering a different framework of knowledge as well. However blaming schools lone is not the solution, parents are equally responsible as they also partake in the sensitive task of shaping a child’s future. Many parents only stress on academics while deeming extra-curricular as inconsequential. 

They should understand that these very extra-curricular activities shape a child’s body, mind and soul making them better equipped to excel in their academics. Hence a responsible parent should consider giving their child equal exposure in both for an all-round balanced development. Of all the schools I have come across, which have been many in my timeline of experience, there are a lot of schools who are opening up to these new additions of subjects and I feel particularly glad to be a part of one such school where novel subjects like Hindustani vocal, classical dance and Indian instrumentals are offered. More schools should wake up and embrace the decision of such schools.

Author Bio :
(Mrs. Rashmi Raut Jaiswal is a Visharad from the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal and the director, co-founder of RACIPA (Ray of Contemporary Indian Performing Arts). The author of “Nritya Adhyayan” has been awarded as “The Bharatnatyam Guru” by the DPS society. Currently she is the creative head and the cultural co-ordinator of Kothari International School, Noida.)        

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Bharatnatyam / Hindustani music also fetches you marks in CBSE boards!
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