Monday, June 02, 2014

The Top schools in Pune

For those of you who are looking for the best schools in Pune, School Finder has an answer for you. Each individual has different thoughts regarding this, making the exercise both exhaustive yet personally fruitful. So we decided to look around and find out what the various benchmarking institutions think about them. In no particular order, we found these to be the ones that list prominently.

·        Sahyadri School
·        The Bishop’s School Camp

There are several criteria based on which the schools are judged, such as the qualification/competency of faculty, academics, sports facilities, co-curricular activities and practical education. Each criteria holds different relevance for different people, so we think it would be a great idea if there was a way by which parents/students could compare different schools based on several such parameters and then take decisions. How wonderful would it be if you could compare the schools of your choice against each other?? You wouldn’t have to rely on hearsay anymore and would not feel handicapped at the least.
School Finder brings to you this very amazing feature wherein you can compare as many schools as you wish to on the basis of
·        School’s Establishment year
·        Medium of Instruction
·        Infrastructure
·        Library
·        Computer Labs
·        Sports
·        Extra Curricular Facilities
·        Total number of students
·        Cafeteria
·        Medical Facilities
·        Transportation

The list is quite exhaustive and informative which can prove extremely helpful in getting the real picture of the “famous” schools in town. There are ratings provided for every school based on the availability/unavailability of facilities in the school. All in all, it’s a treat for the parents, which is just a click away, does not make you wait for 30 minutes and is still free of cost! 

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The Top schools in Pune
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