Monday, May 12, 2014

Finding the best school for your child, now made EASY!

It was the most precious moment of your life, your baby was born! Seems like only yesterday, when you cuddled that bundle of joy for the very first time, and then and there she became your life. Time just flew by and your little one has turned 3 - a BIG number!  What birthday present this time?? The perfect school in town because nothing less would do. And then the big question - how do we find this school? You and your spouse have so many conditions and who on earth would help you find the school based on these parameters?  Troubled times right! But not anymore!

A Pune-based startup has launched a portal that allows parents to find the best school for their young ones. School Finder ( makes school hunting a joy with easy to understand (and use) search and lets you zero in on the ideal school. You can select from multiple locations, fee slabs, boards and medium of instruction and it also provides a lot of information about every school around you viz. facilities such as transport, hostel, libraries, extra-curricular activities and even details missing in every other website such as teacher-student ratio, academic qualifications of teachers, enrollment and dropout stats and more. It even allows you to compare schools on multiple criteria. This aids parents/students in taking a much more informed and wise decision. 

It is after all about the apple of your eye! Can't make any compromises.

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Finding the best school for your child, now made EASY!
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